Advantages of Panelized Walls

Using Panelized Walls has numerous benefits for Builders and Home Owners alike

What are Panelized Walls?

Through the ease and speed of assembly, wall and floor systems can be built in a day, rather than weeks. The faster construction time also greatly reduces the chance of theft and bad weather creating construction delays. Because most of the cutting is done in a remote factory, the builder has to deal with much less waste on site.

Types of Panels

East Coast Panelized Wall Systems will manufacture open and semi-open wall panels for shipment to residential and commercial building sites. Products will include wall panels for interior and exterior walls. Panels will be custom built to meet the design specifications of each project, and assembled in 16' lengths accommodating either 16" or 24" centers (spacing for studs).

Optional Value-Added Components

Customers may also elect to include a number of additional value added components to the semi-open wall panels used on exterior walls. These include:

How will you benefit?

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Advantages of using
Panelized Walls