General Steps in the Construction of Panelized Walls

Our process ensures accuracy and maximizes efficiency of installation


Plans & Designs

Receiving and reviewing your design plans (Architectural and or Structural) for commercial and or residential builds.

  • Single family dwelling
  • Duplex
  • Garage
  • Multi-storey Apartment building complex

Detailed Drawings

Create and prepare detail wall and or floor panel layout sheets and shop drawings for each panel within the structure.

  • Exterior and Interior including all engineering requirements.

Accurate Measurements

We take great care and precise steps to ensure your initial designs are met before proceeding to ensure accuracy.

  • Window /door sizes and locations
  • Wall heights
  • Floor type assemblies to match your project specifications along with on-site foundation or floor.

Cutting & Manufacturing

Final wall and or floor panels and components are precision cut.

  • On our computer aided saw and assembled for your project based on all approved layout sheets and shop drawings or details by each owner, builder, developer, Architects , or Engineers on the project.

Packaged & Delivered to site

Each wall or floor panel is packaged in bundles and ready to be shipped to your job site.

  • Panels are clearly identified on what location specified on the design ( wall / floor panel layout sheets) they belong to.
  • Loaded on trucks in sequence to ensure on-site assembly is fast, clean, safe, and efficiently as possible.